Cummings Statement on the Deadly High School Shooting in Florida

February 15, 2018
Press Release

Baltimore, MD (February 15, 2018)—Today, Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) released the following statement in response to the shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 dead and 15 injured:

“Yesterday’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is a horrific tragedy that must be a call to action for all Americans.  May God watch over the victims, their families, and everyone in the community who will bear the scars of trauma from this terrible day.  From current reports, the Florida shooter bought his AR-15 assault rifle legally. When our laws do not stop these repeated acts of mass slaughter, we must change our laws.

“We must also recognize that scientific evidence is abundantly clear: mental illness is not a predictor of violence against others.  Gun violence and mental illness are distinct issues and they require distinct solutions.  Congressional inaction on any measure to reduce gun violence has long been unforgivable.  I will continue to call on Speaker Ryan to bring to the floor common sense legislation that would help prevent the insane frequency of mass shootings in America.”