Cummings Responds to President Trump’s First State of the Union

January 30, 2018
Press Release

Baltimore, MD (January 30, 2018)—Today, Congressman Elijah E. Cummings (D-MD) released the following statement in response to President Trump’s first State of the Union address:

“The American people witnessed a failed sales pitch tonight. President Trump tried to paint a pretty picture, but it does not reflect the grim reality our country faces under his Administration.

“Under President Trump, the Republicans in Congress have enacted legislation giving a massive tax cut to millionaires and corporations while ballooning the national debt.  And the President remains determined to spend tens of billions of taxpayer dollars to erect a wall we don’t need while threatening to kick out young and hopeful Dreamers who only know America as home.

“The President promised a trillion-dollar investment in infrastructure, but following a year in office, we’ve seen zero progress. He has failed to provide the investments we need to rebuild America’s crumbling bridges and broken transit systems. So when he says he wants to work with Congress to repair our roads, I find it difficult to take the President at his word. Further, as a senior member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, I know that if we rely on private investment or states and localities to front the cost of new construction, Americans will be charged millions in new tolls, fees and taxes as a result.  

“Tonight, the President promised that his top priority this year will be lowering prescription drug prices. I await his actions on this crucial necessity as I did when he made this promise last year.

“What I find even more troubling is the President believes that his Administration’s repeated attacks on our judicial system, our intelligence and law enforcement agencies, our international allies, our public health system, our newest Americans and our environment have made the State of our American Union stronger.

“Americans are a strong and optimistic people, but honesty demands that we acknowledge that our Union has become less strong and less united since President Trump and his attack machine gained office.

“The American People deserve a Chief Executive who puts the Constitution above every other consideration and a President who speaks the truth and acts on that truth for the benefit of all.”