After talking to many law enforcement agencies, I believe that by improving the protection for state and local witnesses, we come one step closer to keeping our neighborhoods safe.

Jobs and the Economy

Our nation has slowly, but steadily recovered from the recession, but more can be done to help American families still facing unemployment. Congress should take action to increase the minimum wage, extend emergency unemployment insurance, and finally focus on legislation that will create jobs – the real priorities of the American people.


I believe that we must provide every child with opportunities to be the best that he or she can be.

Financial Regulatory Reform

My concern had always been to ensure that the taxpayers' money has been spent for their benefit, and that the Committee, and this Congress acted with the utmost integrity. I believe the hearing was an example of that integrity.


Health care reform is one of the greatest and most important legislative decisions of our lifetime, and we cannot afford to get it wrong.

Identity Theft

Identity theft has become an epidemic in and across the United States, claiming over 10 million victims last year alone.


I recognize the need to address security problems that are created by illegal immigration. However, with more than 12 million people here illegally, enforcement alone will not solve the problem.


I will continue to fight for equality in the United States, whether it is at the ballot box, in a paycheck or in the way our government assigns contracts.

National Security

As a member of Congress, I have long stood for the judicious, and justified, use of military power.

Social Security

I believe Social Security is part of a moral promise kept, by our nation, between children and parents to protect each other in their times of need.

Tax Help

For individuals who earned less than $57k in 2009, the IRS Free File program provides free federal income tax preparation and electronic filing.


As a senior member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I am concerned about the issues of transportation.


Veterans have kept their promise to serve our nation, and we must keep our promises to our veterans.